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Mauricio Pezo, Sofia von Ellrichshausen


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Mauricio Pezo (1973)
Mauricio Pezo studied at the Catholic University of Santiago del Chile and at the University of Bio-Bio (Conception), where he currently teaches. He has taught at the school of architecture of the University of Talca and has been a visiting critic at AAP Cornell University. He was awarded the CA Prize in 1999 and the Best Young Architect Prize by the Association of Chilean Architects in 2006.

Sofia von Ellrichshausen (1976)
A graduate from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Buenos Aires, Sofia von Ellrichshausen teaches at the Design School of Desarrollo University and the School of Architecture at Talca University. She has been a visiting critic at AAP Cornell University, and has received an honorary degree from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Town Planning at the University of Buenos Aires.




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